How to Walk Past a Man in a Suit Without Imagining What It Would Be Like to Divorce Him

It’s a common tale: You’re out enjoying your day, when a man in a suit walks past you, very loudly taking a work call on his Bluetooth. Before you know it, you’re imagining the vivid play-by-play of what it would be like to date this man, let yourself think it could possibly work out, get married, and eventually go through a grueling, yet ultimately rewarding divorce. The next time a busy man in a suit walks past you and you start fantasizing about your eventual legal separation, follow these tips!


Stay present in the moment – the one in which you two are not fighting for child custody.

We know – it’s easy to get caught up and wonder “what if” – especially when he is a man wearing a business suit, speed walking past you, and having Rhonda cancel his 2p.m. But remember: you two aren’t currently in an unhappy marriage. You’re not suddenly realizing that you just wanted to be him, rather than be with him. You’re not coming to the conclusion that staying together for the kids is never healthy, and you have but one life to live. You’re not experiencing the sheer pleasure of finally working up the courage to jump ship, liquidate any shared assets, and celebrate your newfound freedom in Madrid. So yeah! Try that.


Don’t assume it will end in divorce. He could be a great partner!

You’ve jumped to the conclusion that the marriage is doomed, but can you really tell that, based on his gelled-back hair and blue-dial wristwatch alone? Don’t assume – maybe his love language isn’t “Gifts.” You’re busy imagining silent dinners, unexpressed resentment, and surprise vacations to cover for poor communication. But who knows? He could be a real catch. Be optimistic!



Realize that he’s probably actually going through a divorce right now.

That’s right – chances are, there’s already someone who’s had enough of those silent dinners and unexpressed resentment. That important phone call he’s having in the middle of the street? It could be his divorce lawyer. That should snap you back to reality!


With these tips, you can stay grounded, and stop imagining how the hypothetical marriage between you and the man in a suit who just walked past you would inevitably end. Good luck!