How to Throw a Wedding that Says, ‘My Family is Very Important in India’

Throwing the big, fat Indian wedding of your white friends’ dreams isn’t easy. You want to feel true to both sides of your identity: your Indian side, your American side, and also your wealthy Indian-American side. So here are a few tips for throwing a wedding that says, “I am proud to be Indian and American, and also my family is kind of a big deal in India.”



People remember the food at weddings, so don’t just play it safe with chicken or beef. How about a grand ballroom full of “chaat” (street food) stations, or a 30-foot Indian dessert bar? Your guests will feel as if they’re right there in India, taking in all the sights and sounds at Delhi’s most opulent five-star hotels that your cousin owns.



Think a traditional bridal dress is passé or just doesn’t fit your personality? You’re not alone. More and more American brides these days are opting for non-traditional looks, which means you don’t have to abandon tradition. Why not get back to your roots with a traditional gold-threaded sari? You can show off the rich handicrafts of your people while also saying, “My outfit, purchased for me by my pharma billionaire uncle, Yogesh, cost more than the yearly wages of the woman who made it.”



Flowers are key to any celebrity wedding, and a celebrity is what you would be if you threw this wedding in India. Bold colors and tall centerpieces showcase your flair for drama, while smaller centerpieces give an intimate vibe that says, “You are the 900 most important people in my life, outside of the much more important ones in India.”




Monarchy was outlawed in India over 65 years ago, but your bridesmaids don’t need to know that! Be an Indian princess for the day, get waited on hand and foot, and party like it’s 1707, right before the British came and it all went to shit (even though your family still managed to do pretty well for themselves, as your guests will see by their gift bags). If they get it twisted about who’s in charge, remind them of how much gold will be on your body. That should shut them up!




This is your chance to bring Indian culture alive for your guests, specifically Indian royal court culture. A choreographed Bollywood dance by your bridesmaids is sweet. A choreographed Bollywood dance by Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra says, “My family would be even richer in India with the current exchange rate. Also we are friends with Priyanka Chopra.”


Being Indian American and rich can be confusing, but we know you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! With these easy steps, you can bring the Mughal palaces of your parents’ homeland back to life at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown. Your guests will definitely leave your wedding with a newfound appreciation for Indian culture and traditions and also for how important your family is in India.