How to Tell if He’ll Make a Great Dad on Wednesdays and Every Other Weekend

So you’re head over heels in love with your boyfriend or husband, but you’re not sure if he’s the type of man who can raise children in a scheduled post-divorce custody agreement. Well you’re in luck, because here are the clear signs that he’ll make a wonderful dad on Wednesdays and every other weekend after your (hopefully) amicable divorce!


He wants to be a dad, occasionally.

If he’s expressed that he wants to be a dad, but he changes his mind about it twice a month, then he’s perfect co-parent material! As long as he’s passionate about raising his kids about 30% of the time, then your custody arrangement will suit both of your needs (but mostly his).


He helps around the house sometimes.

He might not help out all the time, but if your man leaves dirty plates and trash all over the place and then feverishly cleans up every so often, then he’ll have absolutely no problem having your kid stay at his house, just as long as it’s not for more than a couple days at a time.



He does sort of okay under pressure.

A great dad can handle extremely stressful situations in the safest ways possible, but if your man gets stressed out once he reaches a certain threshold and wants to hand whatever it is off to you as soon as possible, then he’ll make an amazing dad on Wednesdays and every other weekend, but make sure your phone’s off silent on those days just in case!


He’s responsible enough.

If you trust your man to take care of most things, except watering plants, washing the dishes, or putting the toilet seat down, then he’ll probably do fine raising a kid for part of the month. As long as he answers your texts and can keep track of a calendar, then this is practically a match made in heaven!


So if you’re wondering if you can hand your kid off to your current lover after you both fall out of love but still have a kid together, then look out for these sure signs that he’ll be a great father on Wednesdays, every other weekend, the first half of Thanksgiving, and then maybe one month in the summer!