How to Tell if He Hits on Every Girl or Just All of Them

We love guys, but let’s face it: They are notorious for hitting on every girl! Still, it’s important to remember that not every guy will hit on every girl. Believe it or not, some guys are the good ones; the ones who will only hit on all of them. When you’re getting attention from that guy with the dreamy blue eyes, you need to know if you should feel not at all special or one of the many specials that are all of us. Here’s how to tell if Mr. Hottie McHotterson is a total wolf and hits on every girl, or if he chivalrously hits on all of them.



He Talks to Women

If the guy who’s talking to you also talks to women, it’s easy to think that he might hit on every girl. But the fact of the matter is, when a guy is the type of guy who talks to women, he’s the type of guy who hits on all the girls. What a catch!


He is Able to Smile

He’s smiling at you in a flirty way while hitting on you. You need to know if he also goes around smiling at all girls in a flirty way while hitting on them. Are his facial muscles capable of forming his mouth into shapes? Yuck! Sounds like this guy hits on every girl!


He’s Interacts with Women

The guy who’s showing you interest seems interested in you! But uh-oh, how can you tell if he also hits on every girl this same way? Has he interacted with another woman at least once in his life? Oh no! This guy hits on every girl. But don’t worry; he also hits on all of them. Cool! Confused? Don’t be. Moving on:


He is Capable of Speech

Before you put the cart before the horse and accuse him of hitting on every girl he comes across, check if he can form words and vocalize them. If he can, he probably just hits on all of them. Good thing you didn’t jump to conclusions!



He is a ‘He’

Is that guy who’s liking all of your photos on Instagram a guy? Don’t worry; he doesn’t hit on every girl; he just hits on all the girls! But watch out—he might also hit on every girl. Whoa!


Congrats! You’ve deciphered if you should be disappointed he goes around hitting on every girl and doesn’t like you individually or if the fact he hits on all the girls shouldn’t disappoint you because you’re all individually liked. Now it’s time to figure out how to still say ‘yes’ to his advances, no matter what!