How to Stop Praying God Kills You After Experiencing the Slightest Inconvenience

Life is hard, especially when everything doesn’t go exactly the way you want it to. Getting stuck at every red light, your video taking too long to load – sometimes when the tiniest thing doesn’t go your way, all you want to do is lie down and hope lightning strikes you from this cruel, cruel world. But some may say that giving up on life after every minor inconvenience is “overdramatic” and “inappropriate to express in front of children.” So it may be difficult, but here’s how to stop praying God kills you after experiencing the slightest inconvenience.


Distract yourself.

The overwhelming urge to end your struggling existence because of the smallest problems can be so powerful that the only way to cope is to suppress those thoughts and force yourself to think of other, happier things. Licensed professionals say that’s not a healthy coping mechanism or conducive to dealing with your problems, but they probably have never known the absolute devastation of dealing with untied shoelaces on a rainy day.


Find a release.

When your phone dies or your sock slips in your shoes, it’s natural to look up to the skies and yell, “Just take me now, I beg of you!” But sometimes yelling to the sky is considered disturbing to those around you. So instead, release all that rage and frustration less disruptively – try screaming your expletives into a pillow, sprinting as fast as you can down a street, or stabbing a block of cheese over and over again. Anything to make your mind forget and let go of every little hindrance that made you want to quit life. After all, punching bags were made for a reason!



Use your imagination.

While praying for God to kill you is futile and actually getting killed is permanent, with enough imagination, you can picture yourself in a blissful state of nothing with no inconvenience to exasperate you to your very core. Maybe you can stick it out for a little while longer!


None of these tips may solve the root problem as to why you’re intensely aggravated to the point of wishing for death at the slightest breeze, but they will put a band-aid on the problem and sometimes that’s all you can ask for! And this way you can stop praying God kills you when you step in a puddle and pray God gets His shit together so these minor inconveniences stop happening to you!