How To Stop Getting So Turned On By Your Face Mask Gently Grazing Your Lips As You Breathe

There’s still no vaccine, and with the inability to safely meet strangers or friends for sex, a significant portion of the American population remains not getting any. You’re not alone in your longing for touch, but you still have to keep things decent, and it can be done. Here’s how to stop getting so turned on by your facemask gently grazing your lips as you breathe.


Think of what’s going on in the world.

Our government is failing us; the police are at war with protestors of police brutality, and Trump is threatening to use the military against citizens. Next time your mask brushes over your lips like the thumb of a bold yet contained lover, simply remember the chaos of the world around you, and replace your horniness with a small panic attack. You’ll be overwhelmed by the unknown future that you’ll momentarily forget that you’d probably cum if someone bumped into you at the right angle.


Think of what’s going on in your mask.

If you can’t muster the energy to confront the whole world, then just think about what’s actually going on under this mask. Rather than give into the sensation of a light mask kiss, focus on the hot air that’s coming out of your mouth and going directly into your nose. You can’t quiver with anticipation when you’re shivering in disgust at this newfound intimacy with your own quarantine breath. Resist your urges. Seriously, you could do better than this mask, there’s a coffee stain on it.



Why fight it?

But then on the other hand, why are you really fighting this anyway? If the sweet caress of your mask is the most action you’re possibly going to get, maybe you should just enjoy it. It can stay a dirty little secret between your greedy lips and the inner folds of that barely reusable mask. Yuck, but also…nice.


So use these tips to either avoid or embrace your unprecedented horniness. We’re not here to judge, but maybe invest in a washable mask.