How to Start Referring to Your Clothes as ‘Wardrobe Pieces’

That Hat

It’s time to stop calling your clothes “clothes”! If you’re ready to start spending real money on your clothing, those clothes are “wardrobe pieces” and will go by no other name. Here’s how to make the transition to adulthood as seamlessly as possible:


Start with hashtags.

You share your hopes, dreams and post-workout butt selfies on your social media, so it makes sense to start blowing people’s minds with your fashion expertise there first. Posting a pic of a Prada mesh onesie you HAVE to have? It’s a #WardrobePiece. Letting the world know you’ve repurposed a vintage North Korean flag as an ironic bandeau top? #WardrobePiece. You’re piecin’ out, girl!


Don’t get it confused with pieces of your wardrobe.

Your Ikea wardrobe came in pieces. But they were not “wardrobe pieces”. And don’t let anyone tell you they are. Those people are wrong.


Involve your guy in the transition.

It won’t take long for your guy to pick up on the new name for your clothes, given that he’s by your side for all your thrifting, flea-marketing, and the emotional rollercoaster of your grueling eBay auctions. He’ll enjoy being a part of something so significant in your life, like when he went from your “boyfriend” to your “significant other.”



Dump any friends who refer to their “capsule wardrobe”.

People who talk about their “capsule wardrobe” are living in the past and as such are now dead to you. They, more than anyone, will resist the transition to “wardrobe pieces”. Don’t waste time trying to convince them—you have “wardrobe pieces” to refer to!


Ditto for friends who refer to “wardrobe staples”.

Staples are for paper and, other than being thin, there is nothing on-trend about paper.


Bet you can’t wait to see the look on your friends’ “faces” next time they see you in your new “wardrobe pieces”!