How To Stand In Your Own Power When The Toilet Flushes On Your Butt

Living your life from a place of personal power is difficult at the best of times, but especially so when an auto-flush toilet goes off over and over again under you while you’re still peeing. But despite the cold wet mist assaulting your bottom, you can find the inner strength to stand in your truth and your power. Here’s how.


Acknowledge and Accept the Discomfort

You didn’t want the toilet to flush on you and it’s okay to admit that and to be frustrated. Take some time to live in that truth and come to terms with it. Don’t deny your voice by trying to downplay your discomfort. At the same time, recognize that accidents happen. Have compassion for yourself and for the toilet that did this to you and even for the people who designed and engineered this toilet. We are all flawed beings. Acknowledging your reality is not a weakness; it’s a form of strength.


Free Yourself from This Narrative

Don’t get stuck playing the victim to life’s metaphorical preemptive flushes. To focus on the negative is to draw more of it into your life. Do you want every public restroom pee to involve an onslaught of misted toilet water coming your way? No, so don’t let this experience define your existence. Tell yourself, “I am not someone who gets flushed on” and believe it. Know that you get to choose which toilets you sit on.



Put You First

In the future, when you are tempted to pee into auto-flush toilets, ask yourself, “Am I doing this for me or am I doing this to please someone else?” Don’t sit on a faulty toilet just to make your employer feel okay about having them installed. When you tell others about what the toilet did to you, ignore the urge to make them feel okay about it. Let them feel your full discomfort and know how wet your butt felt. You are no longer letting yourself be a passive victim to having your butt get flushed on. You are powerful in the face of toilet aggression.


When you step into your own power and connect with the real you, you’ll see the truth of getting flushed on by a toilet for what it is and you’ll know your truth as a human being interacting in an imperfect, flush-happy world. Channel your intuition and stand in that knowledge, then go to the bathroom, because you’ve been holding it for a really long time.