How to Sleep at Night Knowing You Have to Wake Up Again

Insomnia is a pesky bitch – experts have given every tip under the sun to help you forget your life’s worries and sleep at night, but even experts can’t help the fact that you have to wake up and deal with it all over again the next day. So even though sleep is only a temporary relief from life, here’s how to close your eyes at night knowing you’re still gonna have to open them again in the morning.


Think of imaginary scenarios.

Instead of doom scrolling on your phone before bed, try closing your eyes and imagining you’re the main character in a more fun, less stressful world not bound by a stagnant government, authoritarian policies, and late-stage capitalism. Maybe the farm where Anne of Green Gables grew up, or something? You still have to wake up, but at least you can pretend you’re going to wake up in an idyllic bubble where the biggest worry is not having puffed sleeves on your dress!



Use a sleep mask.

Sleep masks are great for blocking out light when you’re falling asleep, but they’re also great for delaying the inevitable when you wake up. It’s much easier to sleep at night knowing that for a few blissful moments when you first wake up, you’ll exist in a happy black void, free of any of the crushing responsibilities and anxieties that will weigh on you as soon as you take it off.


Embrace the inevitability.

Unfortunately, sleep aids like chamomile tea and denial can only go so far when trying to catch some ZZZs. When all else fails at night, embrace the inevitability that you will have to wake up in a few hours – while it may seem counterintuitive, it can also give a “carpe diem” mindset to your sleep. Life may be nasty, brutish, and short, but hey, now is the only window to take a break from all of that and you should really take advantage of it!


Sleep is an important part of our daily life, but it sucks knowing that you still have to get back to your daily life after. But with these tips, hopefully you can make the most out of the 7 to 8 (but let’s face, it more like 6) hours you get before having to deal with it all over again!