How to Make Sex Last Long Enough Until the Next ‘Succession’ Episode Airs

While a ‘quickie’ can be nice once in a while, having a longer and slower sexual experience with your partner makes you both more likely to reach climax and have a satisfying hookup, while also giving you the relief of having less days to count down until the next episode of the hit HBO family comedy-drama series Succession premiers. Here’s the perfect guide to take your time with your partner and get closer to that precious HBO static on Sunday at 9 p.m.


Extend your foreplay.

A great way to have more fun in the bedroom for longer is to focus on the foreplay! Try starting slow by kissing or touching your partner for an extended period of time, or if you’re both big fans of the business-centered series that’s currently in its final season, you could roleplay as some of your favorite Succession characters! Whatever gets you both going, as long as you’re decreasing the time you’ll have to wait until Sunday night.


Take breaks.

Edging is key when you’re trying to delay an orgasm for you or your partner. Whenever either of you feel close to an orgasm, simply take a break and go back at it when you’re slightly less aroused. This way, the fun doesn’t have to stop — especially if you use these breaks to watch old episodes of Succession. Remember “Boar on the floor”? Classic!


Switch positions.

Not only is changing the way you’re both situated a good tactic to draw out sex for as long as possible, but it’s also super fun! If you find that you and your partner often have sex in the same position, feel free to mix it up and try something you both haven’t before. You might just find your new favorite position! You’ll probably never find a new favorite show after Succession ends though…



Try a cock ring.

This is perfect if you’re not creative!


So, if you’d like to enjoy sex with your partner for a longer period of time, or you’re bored of simply going through the motions of life while waiting for your favorite show to finally come on again, then try out these tips to keep the fun going all the way until next Sunday. Then, after the episode’s over, you can go right back to it!