How to Love Yourself Even Though There Will Always Be Loose Grains of Rice on Your Floor

The journey toward self-love can be a difficult one – especially if, on top of everything else, your floor is always sprinkled with at least a few loose grains of rice. Here’s how you can move past self-loathing and onto self-acceptance, even though the whole rice thing was entirely your fault and will haunt you every time you go barefoot in your apartment.


Be gentle with yourself.

It can be easy to be overly critical of yourself when you see that the loose grains of rice you spilled in the kitchen have managed to migrate into your living room, bathroom, and even onto your bed. But constantly beating yourself up isn’t going to fix anything! Actually, nothing will fix anything because, no matter how many times you sweep your floors, there will always be stray grains that elude you. 


Remember that nobody’s perfect.

Everyone makes mistakes! Some people forget to pay their energy bill on time. Some people accidentally send a nude to the wrong number. Some people have loose grains of rice all over their floor, and will for all eternity! Mistakes don’t make you a bad person, they just make you human. Besides, you could’ve been the person who sent the nude, so it could always be worse.


Think about all your good qualities. 

Sure, you’re a messy bitch who always spills the rice and can never seem to sweep it all up, no matter how hard you try – but that doesn’t mean you’re undeserving of love! Take the time to remind yourself of all your good qualities: your heart, your intelligence, your childlike ability to never learn from a mistake. That last one is kind of dependent on how you frame it, but still! You have so much good to give, and so much rice under your oven, but just forget about that for now!



Stop comparing yourself to others.

Remember: In the age of social media, we’re oftentimes just seeing people’s highlight reels. Someone you might consider perfect could very well have 30 to 300 little grains of rice tucked into the little nooks of their apartment, sticking to their bare feet whenever they walk around, just like you! People just aren’t advertising their haphazard handling of bags of rice to the world. So there’s no use comparing your flaws to someone who is only showing you the best parts of themselves and their temporarily rice-free floors. 


So, there you go! Follow these steps and you’ll be on the path toward self-love in no time! Just remember to wear socks or house slippers or something, because that path will inevitably be sprinkled with loose grains of rice as well.