How To Live Vicarously Through Your Boyfriend’s Orgasms

Ever wonder what it would feel like to have an orgasm of your very own? So do lots of women.Unfortunately, the female body is much more complicated than its male counterpart, so us girls are better off never expecting them to be able to pleasure us. Vaginas are complicated! So, here’s how to give your boyfriend a great orgasm for both of you to enjoy!


Make Sure You Look Good
First and foremost, you want to make sure your guy is having a good time so you can enjoy his enjoyment! He can’t make it to the finish line unless he’s really into you, and he can’t be really into you if you’re not prom-hot at all times! Put on a little extra makeup. Lay on your back so your stomach is flat—but also hug yourself tightly so that your boobs are hoisted up and pressed together. Who would be able to have an orgasm while looking at regular ol’ unhoisted tits? Keep your brows furrowed and lips pouty. If you do it right, he’ll come so hard you’ll almost feel like you came!


Make Sex Feel Really Good For Him

Just because you’re busy looking good doesn’t mean you’re too busy to make sex feel good (for him). Kegels aren’t just for keeping it tight long term. They also keep it tight right now while you’re giving him an orgasm that won’t be reciprocated but can still satisfy you in its own quiet way!



Stop Making Him Feel Bad For Not Getting You There

The easiest way to turn a good time into a total flop is by being selfish in the sack. Let him relax by not overwhelming him with the guilt of not getting you to finish. If he asks if you want to try another position or if you want him to go down on you, just shrug and say it all feels good. With the right attitude, it really will all feel good (to him and to you, by proxy)!


Now, Concentrate!

The big moment’s happening—he’s about to finish! This is a fragile time. Don’t move a muscle or say anything while he’s on the edge. Stare deep into his eyes. Concentrate on the funny contortions his face is making and imagine what he’s feeling. It must be great to have lost full muscle control like that! If it doesn’t disrupt him and his eyes are definitely closed, feel free to touch yourself. But it’s probably better to not even try. Vaginas are COMPLICATED, remember?


With a bit of luck and good timing, you could have an orgasm of your own inspired by his! But at the very least, you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing your hard work pay off right before your eyes. And isn’t hard work what sex and relationships are really all about?