How to Have Athletic Sex Even Though You’re Emotionally Scarred From the Pacer Test

There are so many different ways to have sex, but the athletic kind is probably the most exciting! But if you’re still recovering from the trauma of your high school P.E. class, getting your heart rate up in the bedroom could trigger some very negative thoughts. If this is something that you struggle with, keep reading how to have athletic sex even though you’re emotionally scarred from the Pacer test!


Think about how far you’ve come since middle school.

You’re not a tween who doesn’t exercise anymore. Well, maybe you still don’t exercise, but you have learned so much about yourself since then! You don’t do things only to please others, or because you’re afraid that you’ll get made fun of by the popular jocks at school. You do what you want because you’re an independent person! You’re having athletic sex because you want to, not because your P.E. teacher is recording your results in their evil little notebook.


Control your breathing.

Athletic sex can be fun, but you want to make sure that you don’t get too out of breath. That was the reason you got a low score on the pacer test after all, and you wouldn’t want to make the same mistake again would you? Didn’t think so. So in order to keep this troubling flashback out of your head, simply remember to focus on your breathing! Maybe this time you’ll actually finish strong!



Take your time.

Remember that you’re not actually being timed while participating in this vigorous and intimate moment. You’re not going to be eliminated or humiliated in front of your peers. You’re just having sex with someone, and you can take as long or as short of a time as you want! It’s not a race, even though it might feel like it because the beat of the music you chose happens to be the same tempo of that weird sound they played during the pacer test. But whatever! Just don’t think about that.


So if you want to have athletic sex, but you’re still reeling from the emotional toll that the pacer test had on you during high school, follow these tips and you’ll not only get over your trauma but you’ll also win at sex and life!