How to Hate-Watch Something So Much That It Becomes the Only Show You Care About

Not everyone watches shows that they genuinely like or respect from the beginning. Lots of people start a show because they hate it and everything that it stands for! But if you want to take your hate-watching game to the next level, keep reading for how to hate-watch something so much that it becomes that only series – and perhaps, the only thing – you truly care about!


Stop watching anything else.

If you really want the show you hate-watch to become the center of your life, start with eliminating every other show you watch regularly from your rotation. After all, hate-watching requires a lot of work and focus, and you wouldn’t want a TV show with any artistic value or well-written characters to take up space in your mind, would you? Didn’t think so.


Start rooting for the character you hate the most.

When you first started watching this show, you hated the lead character whose actions never really made any logical sense. However, this shouldn’t stop you from rooting for her at all times once this TV series has finally sucked you in. You don’t have to identify with her, but you do have to love her. And don’t worry – shockingly, you will!


Never miss an episode.

At this point, you should be living, laughing, and loving your hate-watch show. I mean c’mon, you love to hate! You should love it so much that you run home from work, just to catch it live so that you don’t see any spoilers later. Now, you might be thinking, “Ugh, isn’t this kind of pathetic?” but remember that the answer is NO – at least not in the eyes of the other fans of this incredibly horrible show!


Start an “ironic” fan page for the show.

If you want this badly written series to become your #1 priority, you need to start a fan page for it. You can do this via Twitter, TikTok, WordPress, or Instagram, but just make sure that you make it seem totally ironic. Like, you’re not actually obsessed with the show, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if you were? Sooo funny. You will get in a lot of fights on the internet though.


So if you want to hate-watch a series so hard that it makes you forget what good television is, follow the steps above to completely change your taste in shows! Wait, is it even hate-watching at this point? You decide!