How To Get The Perfect Smoker’s Eye

Like the crisp white shirt or the little black dress, the smoker’s eye is a timeless fashion statement that oozes glamour and reeks of sex appeal. It’s a look that can take years to perfect and cost thousands of dollars in cigarettes, but it’s a look that’s totally worth achieving the perfect smoker’s eye. Skip the Youtube tutorials and follow our simple tips to achieve the classic smoker’s eye:


Smoke a Lot

If you’ve never smoked before, you’ll need some practice. For inspiration, watch any film with cool people in it. Incorporate cigarettes into your morning routine and then repeat that routine throughout the day until you’ve worked your way up to three or more packs. You’re just a few packs a day away from a sexy, dry, bloodshot eye!



The best thing about vaping is that no one knows exactly how much harm it does. What we do know is that it makes you look like you’re from the future—a sexy, smoky future. Don’t worry; the vapors will still make the whites of your eyes yellow, just like regular cigarettes. Score! Now all you’ve got to do is wait for those eye bags to form!



Befriend Smokers

You wouldn’t’t be seen dead in secondhand clothing—but there’s no shame in secondhand smoke! Befriend anyone who smokes, from the hot guy on the fire escape to the hobo by the bins and reap the benefits of their smoking habit along with your own. You’ll be making new friends and risking premature macular degeneration in no time!


Date a Smoker

Perhaps you’ve ruled out guys in the past because you didn’t want to spend your life standing outside bars, or maybe you were being precious about having ash spilled on you during sex. Relax a little! Dating a smoker reinforces your own sexy habit by giving you constant access to secondhand smoke and ensuring that there’s never an anti-social time to spark up. As a bonus, you and your lover will have that hot smoker’s eye look without all the effort that non-smokers have to put in. You’re gonna be so beautiful!



Build Bonfires

If cigarettes simply aren’t an option for you, the noxious smoke coming off of most bonfires will do the trick. Stand close and breathe deeply for a red and swollen, seductive smoker’s eye! Throw any chemicals you may have lying about on the flames for an extra dose of retinal damage.


The smoker’s eye is a classic look that can transform anyone into a sultry sexpot with only one thing on her mind: her next cigarette.