How To Get Messy, 1930s Dust Bowl Eyebrows

Unruly eyebrows are so sexy right now, but nobody has been blessed with a set of naturally out-of-control as those who lived in the 1930s Dust Bowl that obliterated the American Great Plains. Fortunately, you can still give yourself the same impoverished and destitude look with the right tools! Here are a few tips that will get your eyebrows messy, like a prairie town devastated by a dust storm.



Over-tweezing seems counterintuitive since you’re going for a messy look, but think about it this way: over-tweezing land is what led to the Dust Bowl. Whoa! Use a pair of Tweezermans to pluck your eyebrows until they’re a barren No Man’s Land without any topsoil. The lack of hair will allow debris to float freely around your eyes instead of getting trapped, creating the perfect conditions for sexy, dust storm-afflicted brows.


Powder In Dust Storms

Powders can create light or dark hues depending on your current #hairgoals. If you’re a brunette, for example, use a dark powder to draw messy, billowing storm clouds the color of a locust swarm sweeping over your eyebrows. Or if you’re feeling super bold, take every powder color at once and swirl them all over your face to truly recreate the Dust Bowl’s unsettling, naturalistic chaos. Who’s on trend now? The Dust Bowl could not be contained and neither can those wild eyebrows of yours!



Pencil In The Prairie Town

Your brows will never be as devastatingly messy as the Dust Bowl if you don’t pay attention to the details. Get a pencil with an itty bitty tip to precisely fill in your eyebrows with classic 1930s imagery, like a cow caught in a tornado, a barefoot child wearing a straw hat, or a wooden shack with a windmill on the roof. Just because your eyebrows are messy doesn’t mean they can’t also be art!


Put Tumbleweeds In Your Brows

Go seriously au natural by making tumbleweeds to put in your eyebrows. Find a bunch of dried-up yellow grass from outside and glue it randomly to your face. Now take a look at that brow volume. You’re truly a mess!


Following these tips should give you the messy brows you deserve. Because in a way, the Dust Bowl was the messiest brow-look the American landscape ever rocked!