How To Follow Your Dreams As Persistently As That Man Is Following You Home

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As women, we constantly doubt ourselves when it comes to following our dreams and pursuing our passions, often asking ourselves, “Am I good enough?” It can be helpful to have a role model to look to for advice on how to quiet these negative voices. And while there are so many examples of women who have successfully followed their dreams, nobody is a better example of this than the man right behind you who’s been following you home this whole time. Here’s how to never give up no matter how much others want you to, just like him!


Don’t wait to be invited.

Women make this mistake all the time–waiting for someone to invite them to do something, whether it’s asking for a promotion or doing something new for the first time, instead of just going for it! The man following you home certainly didn’t wait to be invited to walk behind you on an empty, dark street–he goes for it without second-guessing himself or his qualifications for doing so and you can too!


Make time to pursue your dream.

It can be hard to set aside time to pursue your dreams when life keeps getting in the way, but thank the man who took time out his schedule to follow you home from the grocery store. Don’t you think there are hundreds of things he’d rather be doing on a Tuesday night? We hope so. We really hope so.


Don’t take no for an answer.

When you say, “Please leave me alone,” to the man following you home, does he listen? No! He just keeps creeping along behind you, making your skin crawl. You could learn a thing or two from him as you may encounter people along the way who don’t encourage you to pursue what you want.


Create a mantra and repeat it out loud.

It can be something as simple as “I will get that raise” or “Girl, I’m gonna get you.” You have to believe that if you say it enough, maybe it will come true!


Break your bigger goal into smaller, more manageable goals.

It can be hard to accomplish your goal when it seems so huge, so breaking it down into smaller parts can help. Maybe writing that novel feels like too big a task, so you can think about it as writing a paragraph each day, just like that man skulking behind you might only follow you for a block tonight, knowing that he can work his way up to following you all the way home tomorrow!



Don’t get distracted by other opportunities.

When your dream is difficult to achieve, it can be easy to get distracted by other, easier but less meaningful opportunities. But that man on the street doesn’t get distracted by the other women he sees when he’s following you home. He set his sights on you!


Remember, never give up! Only you can decide if you’re good enough! If you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything. Except if your dream is for that man to stop following you – because he’s apparently never going to stop!