How to Donate to Nepal so All of Facebook Knows

The death toll from Nepal’s devastating earthquake is rising every day, and so is the chance of everyone on Facebook seeing what a living saint you are for donating $20 to help the victims. It feels good to give, but how can you be sure your donation is really making a difference to your Facebook friends’ perception of you? Here’s how:


Raise Awareness

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than the world turning its back on a tragedy, except when Facebook turns its back on you, donating to a tragedy. Raise awareness of your contribution to Nepal by sharing articles about the quake and commenting on them about how grateful you are to ‘have enough to give to those with nothing #blessed #blessed’ #blessed’’.


Focus the Worlds Attention

When a nation experiences off-the-scale horrors and hardships, charitable donations need to make an immediate impact on those most desperate for attention. That’s you! Change your profile photo to the Nepalese flag. All those judgy bitches you went to college with are finally gonna change their minds about you!


Provoke Debate

You gave to Red Cross, but should you have given to Christian Aid? Stop overthinking it! They’re both reputable charities, and anyway, this is a question for your Facebook feed. Encouraging your friends to engage in a debate about your donation is a great way to get your boyfriend to consider getting engaged.



Stay Strong

You updated your status to ‘Sending love and light (and $20) to Nepal xoxo’ three days ago, and still no one has commented except your Mom (who is matching your donation and posting about it on Facebook too!). Remember, there are people who have been trapped alone under rubble for four days, and the way they got attention was to scream. Post another status in all-caps and hang in there.



Yeah, at some point you will actually need to donate. Do you want to share your act of charity on Facebook, the website will ask? Um, do you want to share the rest of your life with Greg or Paul or Nick, whoever asks first? The answer is YES.


If a donation is made on a website and nobody is around to see it, does it still make you sound good? Of course not. So go make a difference – to the world, but above all to your Facebook profile!