How to Convince God and Yourself That a Jean Jacket Is a Good Fall Coat

It’s officially fall, which means it’s time to finally break out that denim jacket! The classic wardrobe staple is guaranteed to be too hot to wear right now, and totally insufficient against the elements when the season actually turns cold. But if you’re super stubborn about wearing a jean jacket, keep reading for how to convince God and yourself that a jean jacket is actually a good fall coat, damnit.



Before you even consider stepping outside in your jean jacket, the first thing you’re gonna have to do is pray. If you’re new to praying, consider trying out a prayer like, “Please, God, protect me from the cold, harsh wind outside by making this jacket act as as more than it truly is: a denim button-down shirt,” or maybe “Please, God, let this extremely thin hoodie that I’m layering underneath this jean jacket because if I layer a thicker hoodie the armpits get too tight provide me with the warmth of an insulated, fully lined coat.”


Ask for forgiveness.

After you go outside and inevitably find that it’s way too cold for a jean jacket, despite how many layers you have on underneath, it’s always important to ask God for forgiveness, and in this way, you can also try to forgive yourself. After all, everyone makes mistakes, so maybe God will forgive you for wearing a jean jacket by making the weather warmer that day! Probably not, but it’s still worth a shot!




After learning that a jean jacket isn’t warm enough to wear past the month of September, you’re going to have to repent for your sins. But fortunately, a great way to punish yourself is by wearing your jean jacket in the upcoming colder months! God may not be convinced of the denim jacket’s sanctity, but He will appreciate your contrition, jean-clad sinner. Yay, fall!


So if you are still dead-set on wearing a jean jacket for the entire season of fall, despite how cold it’s definitely going to get, follow these tips on how to convince yourself and God that what you’re doing is actually a good decision! You might not be able to feel your fingers, but you might feel the Holy Spirit inside of you (it still won’t make you warm, though).