How to Come In a Way That Doesn’t Make It Easy for Him to Imagine You Taking a Shit

There’s nothing better than a solid orgasm with your partner – but how can you come in a way that doesn’t lead him down the path of imagining you taking a difficult shit? The devil is all in the details, so here’s how to get off in a way that doesn’t make it too easy for him to imagine you taking a massive dump.


Don’t strain.

We know – this one can be tough. But looking strained is the number-one tipoff that’s going to have his mind go completely down Poop Road. This is a moment that’s supposed to be hot! Just relax as much as possible, and let the energy flow. Honestly, you should be doing this while you’re pooping, too! But don’t think about that right now – he’s gonna know you’re thinking about poop.


Use your head voice.

If you want to make noise when you orgasm, try going a little higher-pitched than you normally would to avoid anything resembling a grunt – only people who are shitting grunt, obviously!! So just make a mental note to go into your head voice and sing something beautiful that absolutely won’t make it too easy for him to think about you shitting.



Avoid a squatted position.

This is another one that can be tough, but nothing is gonna make someone completely forget about sex and exclusively think about poop like a squat, or any other position where you look like you’re pooping. Try keeping your legs straight, or closed, or in any other position that it would be impossible to shit in. We know you’re coming – but stay focused!!


Say, “I’m not pooping, I’m coming.”

Nothing will make it more clear to him that you’re not pooping like saying “I’m not pooping” over and over again. Men appreciate straightforwardness, so when you tell him exactly what you’re doing, he’ll know one thing’s for sure: You ain’t pooping!


With so many similarities, it can be really hard to keep the thought of you pooping out of your partner’s head during sex. But as long as you contort yourself and talk explicitly about what you’re doing throughout, you can rest assured that he will never, ever think about the fact that you poop. If he wants to imagine you pooping, he’s gonna have to work for it!