How to Catch Feelings and Then Throw Them Into the Fire Where They Belong

Sometimes in life, you catch feelings for another person. Whether you saw them hurtling toward you or not, the feels are caught and with you now, and they must be disposed of as soon as possible. So here are the best ways to catch those early romantic feelings and then throw them into the fire where they must go to die.


Keep Your Hands Loose for Catching and Then Throwing Them Into The Fire

When you’re preparing to catch a ball, you want to be agile and mobile. The same goes for catching feelings that make your heart pound for someone. Otherwise, they’ll just splat against you like a paint-filled balloon that’s going to ruin your clothes, so if you don’t want an emotional mess on your hands, keep those hands loose and hold the feelings out away from your body so it will be easier to drop them directly into the fire. The closer you are to a burning fire, the sooner you can unload those feelings into the hellfire where they belong, for those scary-ass feels cannot live and must be burned to ash.


Wear Oven Mitts Near The Fire

Feelings are hot and dangerous, and catching them with your bare hands could leave scars and bruising which would then always remind you of those dumb feelings you caught. Extra layers will protect you from the emotional turmoil of catching feelings before dumping them into the hot, hot fire, but they also protect you from the fire itself. Now enjoy watching those feelings sizzle away like they never even existed, because it’s either you engulf the feelings in flames, or they engulf you. And you are not about to be vulnerable. You are about to throw things into a fire.



Get Behind Those Feelings With Your Whole Body Before Destroying Them With Fire

If you see feelings rushing at you full speed, you can’t stop them from coming, but what you can do is use your hands, arms, and even torso to lock them down and wrestle them quickly into that fire. Use the entirety of your body to ensure that you catch all the feelings too, because if any of them get loose, you might end up expressing those feelings to the person you feel them for and god knows what could happen. The only way to guarantee safety from the feelings you’ve caught is to toss your whole body into the fire along with them. As long as your heart is beating, you are not safe from feelings. So burn, baby, burn!


So if you really want to keep yourself safe from all those feels, throw your whole self in there too. Remember, the feelings must die so you can truly live!