How to Break Up by Being Like, ‘OMG I Only Fell in Love as A Joke’

True love is fulfilling and hopeful, but it can blind you from seeing that someone isn’t the right fit. It takes you far away from before you were dating when you were like, “OMG wait, you know what would be sooooo funny? If I fell in love with this person lol could you imagine?” Here’s how to break up with someone by invalidating it all and telling them this was all one long joke:


Make Sure You Really You Want to Break Up and Stop All The LOL-ing

This is a point of no return, so really know what you’re about to do. Breakups can be civil, but sometimes they get messy and open up the playing field to deeper issues. Don’t be afraid to step back and ask yourself if you really want to end this hilarious hoax of “love” you set up. Haha oops lol!


Don’t Forget to Be All Like, “I Didn’t Mean to Make This A Whole Thing!”

Once you commit to the breakup, you need to be honest with what your reasons are despite how hard it is to upset your now-ex. Be clear in how it wasn’t working out because this all started as this wild bit that escalated into this whole thing now and you’re sooo sorry about how this became a whole thing! Ugh so embarrassing!!


Accept That Their Sense of Humor Might Be Different

Breakups are notoriously uncomfortable, and comedy is subjective. You can’t control other people, but you can accept their feelings as valid and their sense of humor as different AND definitely worse than yours if they can’t just lighten up! Like, relax! This relationship was just a joke! Haha!


Break Up in Person For Bigger Laughs

This is really vital if you have a history together. Plus, jokes are so much funnier in person! Just be prepared that you might laugh harder than they do at the big punchline!


Answer All Their Questions If They “Don’t Get It”

Letting your partner in on why you’re breaking up and why this was so funny can help ease the tension. Some people require more setup to understand the punchline. Otherwise, they might feel like they’re not in on the joke.


Rely on Your Support System

You’re single again, but with one less fan (your ex)! With all this free time on your hands, you should reconnect with some of your other fans (friends). Plus, now you have this funny story about how you broke up with this dimwitted loser who had no idea that the love you built together was one long-running gag. If it gets to be too much, a therapist can help you process what worked and what didn’t work with this joke.



Just because you thought it would be so funny if you fell in love with this person doesn’t make breaking up with them any easier! That’s why it’s important to remind them that what you had was just a freaking joke. If they make it difficult, don’t worry: Comedy is tragedy plus time, so maybe eventually they’ll finally get how funny this was and they’ll look back and chuckle at this niche humor of a relationship you had together.