How To Be Less Hard On Yourself Even Though You Could’ve Done A Little Better If You Tried

From having an awkward social interaction to making a mistake a work, it’s easy to feel guilty when you don’t do everything perfect all the time; especially when you know that if you had put in little more effort, you wouldn’t have messed up in the first place! So, until you master everything in your life, here are some tips to help you stop being so hard on yourself even though you know that could’ve definitely done a little better if you tried.


Don’t Dwell On Your Mistakes, No Matter How Dumb They Are

One way to stop feeling so guilty about all the things you could’ve done perfectly but you didn’t because you didn’t try hard enough is to stop thinking about it so much. Could you have taken two seconds to think about what you wanted to say instead of shouting “snunch” when you mixed up “snack” and “lunch” in front of your cute co-worker? Sure! But remember that we all make mistakes. Yes, most of them are preventable if you put in the work, but you didn’t, so you’ll have to move on and try just a little bit harder next time, girl!


Stop Comparing Yourself to Others, Even Though They’re Better

It’s hard not to compare yourself to other people when you fuck up something that you’ve done correctly a thousand times before and feel like a total idiot. Sure, deep down you know that none of the perfect people in your life would’ve accidentally called their boss their mother’s name and then pointed out the mistake and made everything worse, but you’re not them! You’re you and you’re the one who has to live with your avoidable failures, so focus on that instead!



Focus on Your Accomplishments, Not the Millions of Tiny Failures

It’s easy to be blinded by everything you’re doing wrong that you forget what you’ve done right. Take a few minutes to recount your successes and think about how good that felt and why those moments went so well. Reminding yourself of the times when you more successful will definitely make you feel better and not like there’s way no way you’ll ever get to that place of perfection again because you’ve become jaded and disappointed with yourself. And that’s empowering!


The next time you find yourself being too self-critical, remember these tips and know that even though you weren’t perfect, you could be if you never stop trying so fucking hard! Get to work, babe!