How to Be in Your Villain Era Without Offending Anyone

Being in an “era” is all the rage lately, inspiring lots of people to try on different traits for a limited amount of time to see if they fit. If you’re normally a very nice person, but you want to try playing the villain for a while, then having a lil’ villain era might just be perfect for you, but here’s how to do it without actually hurting anyone’s feelings or offending anyone at all in the process.


Be mean but not too mean.

If you feel disrespected by somebody, then you should absolutely clap back by disrespecting them too. Just make sure that you’re not making fun of their appearance, or their intelligence, or anything that they could lie in bed at night thinking about. Also, remember to treat everyone how you’d like to be treated, but in a bitchy way!


Reach out and apologize after lashing out.

If you find that something you said was actually too mean, then there’s no issue with reaching out to the person you hurt and apologizing from the bottom of your heart. Villains can also take accountability and work to reduce harm! Hopefully they can understand this, and you two can still be great friends who sincerely support each other in the future.


Save it for your journal.

If you’re finding it difficult to be the villain without actually offending someone, then try channeling your antagonist fantasies into your journaling seshes! This way, you can drag someone to absolute hell without even making them upset, and then you can go back to being the responsible and kind person you usually are!



Keep the era short.

Above all, if you’re worried that your villain era is going to negatively affect your relationships, no matter if it’s for the best or not, then make sure you keep your villain era short. It should ideally be just one day, or even a quick 20 minutes. After all, you don’t want people to actually think you’re mean!


So if you’re eager to start your villain era but don’t want anyone to think you’re actually a bad person, then use the tips above to ensure that you get to play the bad guy without having a negative effect on anyone around you. Good luck being sort of evil!