How to Avoid FOMO When All Your Friends Get COVID Without You

FOMO, or the “Fear of Missing Out”, is nothing new, but during these unprecedented times it might be more powerful than ever, now that the Omicron variant is seemingly infecting everybody in the world except you. If you’ve consistently tested negative for COVID while all your friends have tested positive, then here’s how to avoid FOMO even though your friends got Covid-19 without you.


Stop comparing your health to others.

Just because you’re perfectly healthy and don’t have the omicron variant, that doesn’t mean you’re worth any less than all your friends who tested positive. Although it still means they were all definitely hanging out without you. Try to look at the bright side of things, like the fact that you don’t have COVID, even though you still wish you were invited to that Succession watch party last Sunday.


Resist the urge to check Instagram, or the new number of Covid cases today.

It might be difficult, but checking Instagram and/or the statistics of rising COVID cases in your area only feeds your fear of missing out even more. Try taking a break from social media, and while you’re at it, close your laptop and unplug your TV, because looking at how many people got COVID without you will likely just make you feel worse. Stay strong – you got this!


Get Covid by yourself!

Who says that the only way to have a good time, or contract coronavirus, is to do it with other people? Nothing’s stopping you from going out and getting COVID by yourself, so try taking yourself out on a date to a nice crowded restaurant, or to a movie theater without a mask requirement that’s showing something you’ve been dying to see. You don’t need anyone else to have a good time, or get a debilitating virus!



So if all of your friends’ recent diagnoses have got you down, then try using the tips above to avoid FOMO when everyone is out getting COVID without you. It doesn’t mean you’re not fun to hang out with! It just means you have strong evidence that you weren’t invited to that fateful group hang. Better luck next time!