How I’m Celebrating Christian Girl Autumn by Living Through Multiple Biblical Floods

woman fall leaves

It’s almost fall, which means it’s time to get out your earth-toned wire brimmed hats, cardigans, and knee high leather boots! It also means it’s time to praise the Lord like never before, which is easy for me because I’m celebrating Christian Girl Autumn this year by living through multiple biblical floods!


Hurricane Ida first hit the east coast on August 24th, and was one of the most deadly and destructive Category 4 Atlantic hurricanes in recent years. But while all my possessions were being ruined by the flash flooding in my basement, this only made me feel closer to Noah from the book of Genesis. Noah packed his arc with pairs of every living creature, and I packed my oversized leather purse with all of my coziest scarves.




I’m expecting a lot more flooding in the upcoming months, and I’m excited! There’s nothing like a biblical flood to remind us all that God is real and that He is not happy. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still make it upstate for apple picking with my white boyfriend. Actually, it might mean that. Living through the End of Days is hard, but I remain grateful!



Of course this CGA will look a bit different. Soon things like floods, tornadoes, and/or fire lightning will happen more often, perhaps even a weekly thing, like going to church! And I’ll need that because it’ll probably be too hot outside by then to make it to the real one anyway. We can praise Him anywhere!


Besides the flooding, I’m also excited for pumpkin spice lattes and little skinny jeans with holes in the knee, even though I should probably be covering more of my skin – not because of modesty but more so because you never know when the locusts are coming!


That’s why this fall, I’ve decided to invest in a parka and a wetsuit, which I will wear depending on which climate disaster is happening at the moment. And I can’t wait to get them both in a nice beige!


If you’re wondering how to celebrate Christian Girl Fall in a God-honoring way, then you’re in luck, because the biblical flooding this year will make it easier to fear God than ever before! And it’s also totally fine because we’re gonna get raptured before it gets really bad. Peace be with you!