How I Simplified and Decluttered by Moving Things to My Second House

I recently decided to pare down and commit to living a more minimalist, uncluttered life. But simplifying and editing my belongings was also stressful, because deciding which things you don’t need takes up a ton time! That is, until I found the perfect solution: I moved everything I didn’t need – or want really – to my second house. Problem solved!


There are so many advantages to having fewer things around: less visual chaos, less to clean, less stress and more energy to focus on figuring out which new things to buy. I’ve had this second house lying around for so long it’s hard to believe it didn’t occur to me sooner that I could drop off any shit I didn’t want there. Once I did, I immediately breathed a sign of relief as the weight of all that clutter was literally and metaphorically lifted. I’ve found so much peace now that I can have my things in a new place where I don’t have to see them, but I can still visit them if I want them.


In the past, I focused too much on material goods, and not enough on people and experiences and being really present at Acroyoga. Society sends us so many messages that we’ll be happier through acquiring items. But, the hard truth I had to learn is that I’m just as happy buying things for my second house. My second house is bigger than my other everyday house, after all!



I know what you’re thinking. How do you know if one of your things is right for your second house? My method was simple. I picked up everything in my house, shook it aggressively, and asked, “Do I need this item in my main house?” Then I selected objects that I didn’t really need and then paid someone to take them to my second house where I can basically forget about them until I go over there.


I also like to use the condo method to declutter. Whenever I’m in my condo in Paris, or Key West, I look at the things there and see if they might be a better fit in one of my other condos. If they’re not a good fit, I ask myself, “Do I need a new condo?” I’ll be honest, I have too many condos, but they’re a great place to put things.


It’s important to me that objects in my life bring me joy. Walk around your house. Does every object bring you joy? Would it bring you more joy in your place in the Hamptons? Or is best totally out-of-sight out-of-mind at your chalet in Switzerland? These are hard conversations to have with yourself, but the truth might be that you’ll be much happier giving your old things a new life where they’re always on vacation in your vacation home.