How I Learned to Sit Back, Relax, and Embrace the Little Pool of Cum He Jizzed Into My Bellybutton

couple in bathroom

Life is full of twists and turns, and trying to control every little detail is only going to leave you exhausted and stressed out. It’s important to be mindful, take things as they come, and try to find moments of peace in the day-by-day. I’m always one to practice what I preach and lead by example, so here’s how to learned to sit back, relax, and embrace the little pool of cum my sex partner jizzed into my bellybutton a while ago.


It all started when I was fucking the person I do that with. He was “on top” in that classic yet effective position known as missionary, when he asked me, with some urgency, where I wanted him to cum. Not giving it much thought, I replied, “Just on me,” and the next thing I knew, my innie bellybutton was filled to the brim with my lover’s seed. (Well really, most of the cum had started its journey just in the vicinity of my navel, but, you know, water flows to the lowest point and cum finds its way into a bellybutton).



A past me would have immediately fought this course of nature or at least begun to worry that the ejaculate was going to become lodged in the hole where my bellybutton ring used to be, or somehow enter my body and impregnate me (I don’t know, I’m an anxious person with a public school sex-ed). Anyway, I didn’t do any of that. Instead, I realized that the Big Guy Upstairs, which is what I call my tall upstairs neighbor I have sex with sometimes, had made this happen, and it was up to me to find the silver lining in it all. So I lay my head back on the pillow, held my stomach at as even a level as I could, and just cooled out.


I even had extra time to take it all in, because I was left without tissue or towel when my pal went to the bathroom to wring out his penis, or whatever it is a fella does in there. By the time he returned, I was in a deep state of meditative relaxation. My immobilizing, jizz-filled bellybutton was my own private koi pond of contemplation, except the koi were semen and the water was semen. I had embraced my station so completely that I was in no hurry to go anywhere at all! But then I did have to go because my sex neighbor said he had work early in the morning, which is weird because he’s a bartender.


So that’s how I learned to embrace the tiny pool of nut he cummed into my belly button, and if I can, so too can you! Oh? You don’t want to? Well, whatever, it worked for me!