Hero! This Woman Ran An Errand She’s Been Putting Off For A Year

If you want to feel inspired, look no further than 24-year-old Beatrice Schwartz, who finally accomplished an extremely basic errand she’s been putting off for over a year now.


Now that’s what we call a hero!

“I just woke up this morning and thought, ‘Come on, get it the fuck together,’” said Beatrice, “I mean, I almost turned back a couple times while I was walking the package over to UPS, but I did it. I really did it.”


Friends of Beatrice have confirmed that this brave woman has put off this very simple task for a large portion of the time they’ve known her. Beatrice’s roommate, Tracey, had simply learned to ignore the large package sitting on their coffee table, gathering dust.


“It just became part of the apartment, you know?” says Tracey. “I almost miss it being around. I used to put my cups of coffee on it, like a second table.”


Still, Tracey expressed pride in her roommate and friend, who has difficulty completing even the most minor chores.


“The other day, she got a notification that it was time to make a dentist appointment for her annual cleaning,” says Tracey. “I really thought she was going to have a total meltdown. And that was just to make the appointment.”


Beatrice remembered that day and agrees it was indeed grave:


“What if I become busy that day or forget I have the appointment or I’m not in the mood,” said Beatrice, who is technically listed as an adult on all government forms.



Tracey doesn’t have the heart to remind her roomie that tax season is coming up soon.


“Oh god, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” she says.


Yes, Beatrice, way to do one adult thing!