Here Are Some Important Organizations That Need Your Help, and My Film’s Kickstarter

It’s been a rough few weeks for the country and a lot of people are feeling helpless and wondering what they can do to help. If you can spare the money, these are some great organizations to donate to, all of which will be in dire need under the forthcoming presidency. Also, could you check out my film’s Kickstarter? I finished the final draft of the script, and it’s going to be great! Anyway, here are some great organizations to donate to in addition to my Kickstarter:


The American Civil Liberties Union and My Kickstarter

The ACLU fights to protect our freedom of speech and right to protest, and works to dismantle prejudice in our justice system. Anything you can spare for them would mean a lot. Also, anything you can spare for my independent film, Amy Goes Home, would mean that world to me! It’s a really touching story and I’d love to see it get made!


The Natural Resources Defense Council and My Kickstarter

The environment is sure to suffer under the Trump administration, and this organization is a great place to donate to if you care about the future of our planet! And if you care about the future of my film career, I strongly urge you to donate to my film’s Kickstarter. I need money to properly support my cast and crew. We’re going to order pizza!



The National Immigration Law Center and My Kickstarter

Trump has made his stance on immigration clear, and immigrants will need our support. Consider donating to the National Immigration Law Center to support the many immigrants who deserve a fair chance at the American dream! And please, please, at least share my film’s Kickstarter on your social media channels. I’m hoping to get a new camera for it, and honestly those are soooo expensive!


The Trevor Project and My Kickstarter

The LGBTQ community is threatened by the new administration and the Trevor Project does incredible work. And speaking of work, my upcoming short film, Amy Goes Home is gonna take a lot of it. It’s about a girl who goes home to visit her mom for the first time in five years and I need to buy a lot of props. I simply cannot fund this myself.


The Center for Reproductive Rights and My Kickstarter

Vice President Elect Mike Pence has made it very clear that he is against reproductive rights. If you care about women having autonomy over their own bodies, donate to this organization. Also, if you have cash to spare, please donate to my film’s Kickstarter. My goal is $3,000, and I only have $345 right now. Even if it’s just a dollar, anything helps, but please give much more than a dollar!


Times may be tough, but you can do something to help your fellow Americans. You can also do something to help me, your filmmaking friend who is desperate to tell this story about Amy. She’s actually based on me, if you can believe it. Help me out!