Grown Woman Unsure if She Should Say She’s Heading to Bathroom or Just Quietly Slip Out of Room

In a developing story out of Austin, TX, 29-year-old Gloria Davis has to use the bathroom at work, but she’s not sure if she should say she’s going to pee, or if she should just quietly slip out of the room.


Sources report that Gloria has been thinking about what to do for a full seven minutes now.


“I’m not sure what I should do,” Gloria says. “Like, what kind of environment is this? Will everyone get mad at me if I leave without saying anything, or if I say something, will they just think about the fact that I’m peeing the whole time?”


We have absolutely no idea!


“I only started working here two weeks ago,” Gloria says. “If I say that I have to go to the bathroom, will they all laugh at me and be like, ‘just go’?”


While the answer remains unclear, Gloria is now inching closer and closer to the nearby exit, still deciding what to say or do.


“I thought maybe someone would see me and ask me what I’m doing,” Gloria tells us. “But no one’s even noticed me!”



The adult remains immobilized by her inability to deal with needing a pee: a situation she has had literal decades for which to prepare.


“You know what? I should just wait until the meeting’s over!” Gloria says “That way, whatever I do will be right, and no one will think less of me!”


Great plan, but hopefully Gloria never gets in this situation again, because she might actually pee her pants!