The 5 Best Ab Exercises of All Time, Including the Dinosaur Era

A woman exercising and a stegosaurus

Put on your workout clothes, quarantine warriors, because we’ve put together the absolute five best at-home core exercises of all time! And when we say all time, we mean all time. Many lists like this would conveniently choose to overlook the Mesozoic Era. Not us! That’s why we’re presenting you the five best ab exercises of all time, INCLUDING the days of dinosaurs.



We’ve done the research, and there’s just no better core exercise than a plank. It burns fat, activates the abs, and builds muscle, all within ninety seconds or less. It’s an all-time classic, and we’re not using “all-time” facetiously there. It’s better than any core exercise the dinosaurs invented. We checked!


Hollow Hold

This exercise hurts in the best way possible. Keep your stomach tight as you raise your arms and legs, locking your core to keep yourself balanced in a v-position. There’s truly no better ab workout. And yes, we’re including the Stegosaurus Belly Blaster and the Brachiosaurus Neck Dip when we make that lofty statement. Those exercises, while valid, just don’t involve the back muscles in the same way. So, we ultimately had to go with hollow hold here. But you can’t say our research wasn’t comprehensive!



Crunches: you put your hands behind your head, put your knees up, and you tighten your belly. So simple, yet so effective. Trust us when we say that crunches are one of the best ab exercises ever invented. EVER. Not “ever” with an asterisk omitting 165 million years of core work. Ever ever.



Mountain Climbers

The best ab exercises also double as cardio exercises, since they get the heart pumping while also toning muscle. That’s why no list of all-time best ab exercises would be complete without mountain climbers. And no list that includes mountain climbers would be complete without also carefully considering whether there were any better cardio/core workouts available during the Jurassic Period. We thought about it, and mountain climbers still won out! That’s how good they are!


Dead bugs

For the final spot on this list, we debated intensely between dead bugs and the similar, Cretaceous Era workout, “Mosquito Trapped in Amber”. In the end, dead bugs won out, due to their more intense glute activation. But don’t ever say we shortchanged dinosaurs here in our list-making!


There you have it! Whether you perform these workouts individually or as part of a set, you can exercise confidently in the knowledge that your workout is truly the best of all time. Not just the best since like, after Jesus or whatever. Happy sweating!