Go Off! This Bitch Might Move the Lamp to a Different Corner Today

Inspiring us all to throw caution to the wind and live our absolute best lives, Leigh Moore is considering moving her lamp from that one corner of her room to a different corner, but not the corner where her bed is because that’s already occupied by the bed.


“I feel like it could be nice, especially at night, to maybe have more light coming from over there,” says Leigh. “But I don’t know.”


Okay!!!! That’s absolutely psychotic and we’re living for it.


“Changing the layout of your room, even in small ways, can just be a nice, well, change,” Leigh says.


Go all the way off, Leigh! You’re out of your mind and we love it for you.


“But at the same time I’m unsure, because I do read in the chair that it’s by now, and I might miss that light source,” Leigh adds. “Maybe I’ll just try it and move it back if it doesn’t work.”


Quaran-thriving much? You didn’t have to rub it in.


“I think I’m just going to wait till my roommate takes a break from work and ask what she thinks,” says Leigh. “I guess the cord would be more visible in that other corner. Ugh, I don’t know. Whatever.”



Are we at a poetry reading? Because this bitch just SNAPPED.


Keep killing it, Leigh!