Girl Who Is ‘Up For Whatever’ Is Secretly Only Up For a Handful of Specific Things

27-year-old Taryn Dunn is known as one of the spunkiest of her friends, and is always “up for whatever” when the time to make plans rolls around. However, her easy breezy reputation was revealed as a hoax this past weekend when she clarified her less-than-enthusiastic feelings about bowling, sushi, and improv comedy shows.


“Oh, sorry, no. I wouldn’t be up for those things,” Dunn said jarringly to a group of gaping, horrified girlfriends.


“We were shocked,” said Isabel Chan, a close friend of Taryn’s. “She’s usually such a go-with-the-flow, down-for-whatever kind of girl. Now I realize she only appeared that way because we only do the same three or four things that she’s typically in the mood for.”


“This is partly our fault,” Chan adds.



“I say I’m up for whatever, but in actuality I really only want to do a few things, most of the time,” Dunn admitted. “But I really hate loud noise, crowds, and most foods.”


“I’d be up to like, take a walk on a nice day. But it has to be above 55 degrees. Not a hike, either. I need to be within 20-minutes of a good iced coffee. I’ll definitely go to the movies, especially if it’s rainy and Kevin Hart is in it. I like that Indian food place but only if the next day is a weekend.”


As it turns out, Taryn Dunn is not “up for anything”. But she did compromise on a trip to a local vineyard last weekend, under the conditions that the group stop for froyo at some point.