Get the ‘Euphoria’ Look by Finally Letting the Girl You Babysit Have Free Rein on Your Face

It was easy to get swept up by the twists, turns, and complex characters of HBO’s teen drama Euphoria, but the series’ most traceable impact may be the glittery and bold makeup trend it’s inspired. If you’re eager to try out the striking looks of Rue and Jules but don’t know where to begin, it may be easier than you think. Here’s how to get the signature Euphoria look by just letting that girl you babysit really go off on your face.


Let her know all bets are off.

In the past, you’ve cut these experimental makeovers short of anything you can’t scrub off in the sink after she goes to bed, but this time the artist will go to work with no limitation. Tell her that you want to look like Jules when she heads to the city, does a line, then hooks up with an older woman in a club while fantasizing about choking out the boy who’s blackmailing her with child pornography. Actually that’s pretty inappropriate so maybe tell her you want to look like if all four Teletubbies were melted down into one by the baby sun?


Give into the experience.

If you’re checking in on her progress while she works, the girl you babysit’s full range of creativity will never reach its utmost potential. Close your eyes and let yourself float down the river of a child’s unbridled imagination without resistance. Avoid saying things “I want to recreate the cloud eyeliner look from episode 4” or “Oh, my God, is that a permanent marker?” It’s her time to shine on your face, so let her go hog wild.




Give her sugar.

The most crucial step is to make sure your little makeup artist has the abundance of chaotic energy necessary to create the surreal and vivid looks of a world where teenagers all have distinct and fearless styles and also they’re on drugs and also it’s kind of a music video? Secure this headspace by supplying her with an unlimited stream of candy throughout the night.


So have fun and feel good about inspiring the creativity of a child! And don’t blame her if you appear absolutely crazy at the end, because the thing that’s actually desirable to you about how the characters of Euphoria look??? Is the lighting!