Genius! This Woman Solved Her Ingrown Hair Problem by Simply Not Using the Same Razor for Eight Years

This brilliant woman just made a discovery that will change shaving as we know it for women everywhere! That’s right, incredible Bangor resident Stella Myles has managed to solve her ingrown hair problem by simply not using the same razor for eight years.


“I’m 28 years old, and I’ve been shaving for about 16 years,” said Stella. “In that time I replaced my razor head maybe once. It was always extremely dull, full of soap and hair, and I would have to violently scrape it against my legs to remove any hair. Then one day I just got a new razor.”


Wow! It’s amazing that Stella is the first woman to have ever thought to replace her razor!


“Now I get a new razor head every few weeks,” said Stella. “And I haven’t had any ingrown hairs since.”


Stella’s innovation has the potential to change many lives, and people have been taking notice. Leslie Bowman, vice president of the MacArthur Foundation, says Stella is a top candidate for the foundation’s genius grant.


“An ideal candidate has the mental capacity to develop something truly groundbreaking, and would be aided in that process with our funding,” said Ms. Bowman. “We think our $625,000 grant would take Stella’s research a long way, and allow her to buy many, many razor heads.”


For others, Stella’s cutting-edge process remains too unfamiliar to fathom.


“I respect what she’s doing,” said local woman Sami Lane, “But it’s a little far out for me. I’ve been using the same razor for ten years, and it definitely gives me ingrown hairs and razor burn, but it’s all I know. She’s a genius for sure, but she might be a little out of touch.”


Stella denies claims that she’s anything special.


“I wouldn’t label myself a genius,” said Stella. “I’m just a woman who stumbled onto something life-changing. All you have to do is sometimes use a new razor. You can even get a cheap pack of disposables.”


Regardless of Stella’s boundless modesty, we’re impressed.


Keep blowing us away, Stella!