‘Friendly’ Landlord Not Even Pretending to Refuse Rent

In eye-opening news out of New York City, so-called ‘friendly’ landlord Katherine Richards reportedly showed her true colors this month, when she accepted your rent money without even pretending to wave it away like she was supposed to.


“Katherine’s always been super sweet, and very chill for a landlord,” you told us. “So I was just taken aback when she didn’t even tell me not worry about rent, and just took my payment without a second thought.”


According to sources, you were fully prepared to go, “No, really, I insist!” while your landlord went, “No, keep it! You paid last month!” and the two of you would go back and forth like this a few times, before eventually deciding to go halfsies, in the spirit of friendship.


However, sources say you were in for a rude awakening when you texted your landlord that you transferred the payment to her account, and she just replied, “Thanks, got it! :)”


According to sources, Katherine – who had asked you to call her ‘Kat’ – will now go back to being called Katherine, effective immediately.



“Katherine’s behavior definitely raises some questions about her true nature. I mean, she even baked me a plate of cookies over the holidays – sweetest landlord ever, right?” you said. “So clearly, I thought we were well past the point of paying rent. I feel like it’d just be weird to do at this point, as two good chums.”


“I’m not even saying her acting has to be believable,” you continued. “But after all those times we chatted in the hallway, I just thought she’d frown and fuss when I try to give her rent, or at least give some of it back. It’s only polite.”


However, Katherine’s ability to send you a smiley text while taking your payment in full has reportedly confirmed that your landlord was just pretending to be kind, while, in truth, being a snake with no moral substance.


At press time, you reportedly vowed to move out and find a landlord who won’t stab you in the back and will at least be rude and exploitative from the start.