Flaky Friend Ruins Plans By Not Canceling

In a display of flagrant unreliability, flaky friend Natasha Carr has completely ruined tonight’s plans by not canceling them.


The plan for Natasha and longtime friend Whitney Washington to go out for dinner came to a disastrous head with one disorienting text confirming it.


“When I received a text from Natasha 40 minutes before we were supposed to meet, I was super relieved,” says Whitney. “But when I opened that text and saw it read, ‘heading out now!’ I couldn’t believe my eyes.”


At the time of the message delivery, Whitney was sitting on her couch in a pair of sweatpants from 2012 watching YouTube vlogs from a Ukrainian beekeeper.


“She couldn’t let me know she wasn’t going to cancel with a little more warning?” Whitney says. “Typical Natasha, not at all understanding how her actions affect other people.”


While friends have accepted Natasha bailing on coffee dates, birthday parties, and weddings she was in, this latest development is testing Whitney’s tolerance.


“I had my entire night planned around Natasha canceling at the last minute,” Whitney says. “I was so excited to go to the burrito truck by my apartment after our plans fell through, but now I have to go to a restaurant that I never even made the reservation at, and I’m gonna be late. The whole thing is so inconsiderate.”


Natasha, however, remains unaware of the havoc she has wreaked.



“I’m so excited to catch up with Whitney!” she says. “It’s been too long. Plus I have to let her know I can’t help her move next week because this person I’ve been flirting with on Instagram invited me to New Mexico.”


That’s more like it!