Feminist? This Woman Lost All Her Money in a Cryptocurrency Dip Just Like a Man

young woman in office

Somebody check in the glass ceiling, because we heard it shatter when 21-year-old, self-proclaimed Crypto queen Kenzie McFeist lost all her money in the crypto crash, just like a man would!


“Who said only men can be crypto losers? I’m a big loser right now and that’s just part of the crypto game.” Kenzie says. “Like really, I lost everything. Everything.”


Crypto has a lot of risks, but this doesn’t scare Kenzie.


“It just takes grit and instincts. Just buy, buy, buy on impulse,” Kenzie says. “The price of the coin will go up and down, ride that sweet wave, even if it lands you at the bottom of the ocean sleeping with the fishes.”


Wow, Kenzie is losing capital just like the big guys.


So what made Kenzie want to invest? Boredom!


“I was already spending my disposable wealth with frivol, when I thought, I’m not disposing of enough money,” Kenzie explains, “I turned to crypto because I wanted to continue to waste time and money, but this time more like a man.”


Watch out, boys! Kenzie is losing and she losing at a stupendous rate.


Now Kenzie is even helping women across generational lines get into losing money in crypto.


“I convinced my mother to put her retirement savings in crypto, she lost big time. Whatever, financial stability is so old guard, right? Financial risk is a part of the crypto experience right?” Kenzie says. “Have I made a terible mistake and now I’m in way over my head? Seriously, tell me.”



At this point, Kenzie had to dismiss herself to check the price of her coins, and they were not good. What a feminist icon!


“All my friends said, ‘Kenzie it’s not real money. Please stop we are worried about your decision-making skills.’ All I say is look at me now. What’s lost is matched by what I gained, proving women can also lose it all,” Kenzie says, wiping her damp eyes with the sleeve of her suit jacket.


Now that’s feminism with a capital -ism!