Essential Oils to Cure Your Rash From That Other Essential Oil

We’ve all been in this situation: You rubbed a caustic, undiluted essential oil all over your skin because someone from the internet told you it would cure eczema, and now you have a painful rash. What if we told you there was an essential oil that could fix it all? Here are some options that will either cure your rash or make it much worse:


Eucalyptus Oil

You could go to the pharmacy and buy some ointment, but it would be full of chemicals. Chemicals are made in a lab by scientists and are therefore scary and bad, so why not try something from Mother Nature? Make a cream at home by mixing a few drops of eucalyptus oil with some coconut oil. Then rub that junk all over you! Slather it on any problem areas throughout the day and in the evening before bed. Then, wake up screaming in agony because your rash is spreading.



Peppermint Oil

By now you’re probably thinking about taking ibuprofen to help with the pain. But over-the-counter pain medications have toxic ingredients like “colloidal silicon dioxide” and “hypromellose.” What are those, even? We don’t know because we’re not doctors, though we do feel the need to constantly give medical advice. But you know what sounds safe and familiar? Peppermint oil. Try adding some to your bathwater. That’s right – bathe in the stuff! It smells delightful and it’s probably fine to put on your skin! It’s not? It’s burning you?


Tea Tree Oil

Say you have 3rd-degree burns and your doctor prescribes you antibiotics so that your raw, exposed skin doesn’t get infected. Don’t take the antibiotics. I repeat, DO NOT TAKE THE ANTIBIOTICS. Antibiotics kill all the good bacteria in your gut and destroy your microbiome. But tea tree oil is naturally antibacterial. So why not drain the bottle right into your face-hole? You heard me correctly. I’m recommending that you ingest tea tree oil for its antibacterial properties. You may experience some internal bleeding, but that’s just your body cleansing all the toxic blood from your system to make room for fresh, healthy blood. It was about time for a detox anyways!


Natural solutions to medical problems are safe, easy and affordable. You may be bleeding on the outside and the inside, but you can rest assured that you haven’t exposed yourself or your family to the dangers of modern medicine.