Drive Him WILD With Hints That You Know When He’ll Die

We all know how it goes: Girl meets guy, girl and guy fall in love, girl fulfills birth-curse to become an oracle upon true love’s first kiss, girl is plagued with visions of guy’s untimely demise. Ugh! We know your fiery premonitions can be a total bummer, so why not try to have a little fun with them? Here are some clues you can drop that are sure to make him CRAZY!


The Question (About) Remains
Next time you’re in the mood, ask him about his deepest, darkest fantasies and whether he would prefer to be buried or cremated. Let him know that you want to fulfill ALL his wishes, including his last. This will surely spark his curiosity and keep him guessing for days!



The Prepared Shopper
Next time you’re at a department store together, point to the cutest black dress you can find and ask how he thinks it would look on you at his “big party” where he “will be there, but also gone”. He’ll realize how much you care about looking good for him, and that he’s not long for this world.


The “I’ll Miss You”
Sure, he knows you love him NOW, but make sure he also knows you’ll miss him even after he perishes. Be sure to declare that no man after him will give you the same kind of pleasure once he’s gone. Go ahead and lament about how your brother’s wedding in a few years won’t be the same without him and watch him FREAK!


The Bucket List
You’ve heard all of the exotic places he’s always wanted to visit, so why not suggest going while there’s still time? A simple “Hey babe, why don’t we check out the Irish countryside before it’s too late for you?” paired with a sexy wink is sure to make him go nuts! Nuts!



The “Oops, Did I Say That?”
If, for some reason, your guy still isn’t picking up on your disastrous prophecy, try casually slipping the grim facts into everyday conversation. As he’s proudly washing his new car, nonchalantly mention that it’s only going to wind up in the lake—and watch him lose his MIND!


We know that having the unwanted ability to predict your man’s death can be a MAJOR hassle, but hopefully these hints will help smooth the transition from first date to funeral and leave him begging for more—more information, that is. Good luck!