Dream Journal So Sick Of Hearing Amy’s Dreams

When Amy O’Reilly of Plattsburgh, NY woke up Sunday morning from what she described as a “crazy nightmare,” she could not get her dream journal to open in order to record the dream.


“It was as if all the pages were sealed shut,” she says, speaking from her living room. She has been avoiding her bedroom since the incident. “I just assumed there was something wrong with my journal, so I reached out to the company that makes it. I also remember seeing a phone in my dream! Man, I wish I could write that down.”


A customer service representative at Moleskine spoke on condition of anonymity, out of fear that O’Reilly might track him down and tell him more about her dream.


“I was looking forward to assisting her, since the issue was unique, but as soon as she started talking about what she would have written, I thought, “I get it, Journal. I get it,’” says the rep. “I’m not proud to say this, but I pretended to drop the call and hung up.”



“My dream journal is very important to me because my friends won’t let me talk to them about my dreams anymore,” explains O’Reilly. “Thankfully, I wrote them all down in this journal. Anything that happens in my dreams could end up being incredibly significant to my personal development and self-discovery. It could change my life!”


At this point in the interview, it became clear that Amy’s dream journal is as sick of hearing Amy’s dreams as we are.


We consulted with Dr. Nelson Lambright, a particle physicist at Tufts University, who was surprised by the notebook’s state. “It’s difficult to say for sure, as I’ve never seen this phenomenon before,” he admits. “I can only hypothesize that her dream journal was so fed up with O’Reilly’s dream stories that the molecules out of which it is comprised fused together. I think we can confidently say that this is the first known case of an inanimate object getting super bored of something.”


Meanwhile, O’Reilly, a self-described “semi-lucid” dreamer, has had to move on.


“I decided to just throw out that old journal and get a new one. It’s a shame that I lost so many important details from dreams, but now I’ve got a new one and I’m ready to fill it with even more crazy tales. In my dream last night, I saw two guys I used to date hanging out. It was so weird, because they have no way of…”


There was more to the dream but this reporter’s laptop turned off of its own accord while she was typing it.