Don’t Judge Me, Except On How Great I Look Today!

Maybe it’s just me, but I think it is wrong to judge people. Unless those people look ameeeeezing and they’re also me. I know this idea is hard for some to stomach, but just hear me out.


Passing judgment on others is something you should not do. It’s harmful to our society and is responsible for prejudice. So I would like you to take a moment and remember that we are all equal, except when my hair magically falls into place like this. I know! I didn’t even do anything; it just looks like this today!


Bottom line: You shouldn’t judge others, except when you judge me positively based solely on my looks. I love that!


When you judge someone, you don’t know what they’ve gone through today, this week, or even this year. Maybe they lost their wallet. Maybe their house burned down. Maybe their son has a weird heart thing. Give each and every person the benefit of the doubt. And remember, no one is perfect. But you wouldn’t know that by how evenly my contouring came out today! That’s a tangible fact, so it’s not a judgment, just an observation. I’m cute. It’s what I do.



“Judgment” is an ugly word and it makes the world an ugly place. Except when you’re like “wow that girl looks great today” and you’re talking about me. You acknowledging my beauty actually makes the world more beautiful. And that’s beautiful! And I’m beautiful.


All I ask is that we be respectful of one another. How would you feel being judged on your newly slim figure? Put yourself in my shoes (I’m the one with a newly slim figure). I’m just curious if you’d feel the same, because I love it!


I hope that this message is able to inspire each and every person reading it to open their hearts and minds and arms and lives and bodies to those around them. All I’m trying to say is, only God can judge me, and other people can, too, when the judgments are good and they’re like, “You look so good. You look so beautiful. Oh my God. Holy hell!” Is that so much to ask?