Cute! This Mother and Daughter Have Matching Mental Illnesses

In an absolutely darling story coming out of Everett, WA, Gloria Bromwell and her mother Luanne are completely matchy-matchy by having the same exact mental illnesses.


Awww! What a bond!


According to our sources, both of these women have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which is even cuter when they’re both together under one roof.


“My OCD is something I struggle with everyday,” Gloria said. “But once I realized that my mom had the same disorder, I found that we actually matched in such an adorable, glamorous way!”


Gloria’s mother Luanne was excited, but not entirely surprised by her family’s matching illnesses.



“Back in the day, I paired my mental illness with just about everything,” Luanne said. “But I never thought about it would look on my daughter. Now every time we have family over to visit, people compliment us both on how impeccable our bathrooms are!”


Even Gloria and Luanne’s friends are impressed with how coordinated this mother and daughter duo is on a daily basis.


“One time I noticed that Gloria was compulsively picking at her skin at the same time that her mom was,” Luanne’s friend Jessica said. “I was just like, awww, I wish that my mom and I had matching mental illnesses!”


According to reports, Luanne and Gloria also intend to keep matching for the rest of their lives, because they both literally don’t have a choice.


At press time, Gloria and Luanne were also scouted and featured on a fashion Instagram page after leaving their therapy office at the same time.