Cute Backpacks To Make Yourself Even More In The Way

Us girls have a lot of stuff to hold these days, so why not put it all in a cute, gigantic backpack? These space-hogging packs are great to bring with you anywhere, even crowded places! They’re the perfect accessories for the fun-loving girl who loves being prepared and also breaking things on accident.


The Messenger (Modcloth, $69.99)b58776ab2d2c84724d8d37e753c07646

The messenger is a hybrid between a purse and backpack, but make no mistake: It’s conspicuous! If you’ve ever wanted an oversized purse that lightly grazes your butt, but still holds the same capacity as a backpack, a messenger bag is the choice for you. These are especially fun at parties when your aim is to knock over all the drinks on the table, or for Mark to think you are brushing against his ass again.


The Schoolgirl (Urban Outfitters, $59)01c171aa6f6be3d19812128355e7dfb6

This throwback backpack holds it all: your keys, wallet, hoodie, notebook, current month’s book club selection, some oranges, maybe some flats, a bottle of whiskey, two bottles of water, the hat that you love but will never wear openly, and scattered change. All these items will make this bag bulge to the right size to knock Stephanie to the ground when she tries to hit on Mark.



The Classic (Zumiez, $54.95)34741702_001_e

This backpack is for the casual gal who still needs to hold a bunch of stuff, “just because.” This one is practical enough to take anywhere, even beyond the workplace or classroom. A laidback vibe really allows you to not be as noticeable when you turn around and take out an entire table of chip dips. Did Mark see? Maybe.


The Cute Canvas Backpack (Modcloth, $49.99)Herschel-Supply-Heritage-Black-&-Tan-21L-Backpack-_181855

A deconstruction of the classic backpack, this one allows for functionality while still showing off your personality at a crowded party where everyone is trying to make their way to the other side of the room. Be the cute roadblock between hot strangers and Mark with prints like pineapples, foxes, owls, and even tiny little boats. Knock some chests in a playful way that comes in all sorts of colors!


Backpacks are good for making the right people notice you. Everyone is wearing backpacks, and now, so are you!