Cute and Easy Placenta Crafts for New Moms

Being a new mom comes with its own set of tough decisions – chief among them is what to do with your placenta. This unique organ is the source from which all life springs, so celebrate your placenta by utilizing it in one of these fun crafts:

1. Placenta Pipe Cleaner Crab
Your baby will love this cute little guy and all its amazing life-giving properties! To make Mr. Crab, bend six pipe cleaners in the middle, and stick them into the sides of your placenta. Add two in the front for claws, and voilá! We added a mustache and glasses to make Mr. Crab even cuter. Place where your child can clearly see it, such as their crib mobile.


2. Placenta Pipe Cleaner Crab (Female)
Follow the instructions to create the adorable placental crab above, and just add a bow! We used a turquoise bow, but feel free to choose any bow color you like!


3. The Placenterpiece
You’ll be the placenter of attention with this impressive piece! Arrange feathers along both sides of your placenta, being careful not to get them stuck in the “placental goop.” Choose pipe cleaners of a similar color scheme to the feathers, form into curlicues, and place in the middle of the placenta. Guests will gasp at the simple elegance this centerpiece lends to your dinner party!



4. 4th of July Placenterpiece
As easy as it is patriotic – just press a star garland into your placenta, toward the center (or off to the side for a more artsy, asymmetrical look). The squishy constitution of the placenta will hold it nicely in place. Set it on the picnic table and listen to the “oohs” and “aahs”!




5. Placenta Tote Bag
This too-cute tote is fashionable, functional, and formed out of a placenta. Simply smush down your placenta in the center, fasten a strap to it, and you’ll be totin’ pretty!




Don’t feel limited to the ideas above! Your placenta crafts have endless opportunities if you let them.


Photos by Nathaniel Miller