Couple Suddenly Very Grateful That Their Plantation Wedding Was Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

Lacey Jennings and her fiancé, Greg, received several concerned messages regarding their upcoming wedding at a former plantation in Virginia.


While several people close to them said, “Please don’t do this” and “I’m cutting you out of my life,” Lacey and Greg decided to continue with their plans regardless – until the pandemic hit.


“When the state closed down, we were devastated,” says Lacey. “With all the uncertainty, we knew we had to postpone our wedding indefinitely. But now that everything has happened, we’re super relieved it got put off.”


“That’s right,” added Greg. “Just to be clear we were relieved after all of this happened. We were still very sad about it three weeks ago.”


“We’ve done a lot of self-educating in the past few weeks, and have realized that a plantation wedding is deeply problematic and invoking the brutal legacy of slavery,” says Lacey. “But most of all, we’re super glad the pandemic saved us from looking really bad.”



Several friends have reiterated that Lacey and Greg are “fundamentally bad people” and “somehow as narcissistic as they are racist, which really says something.”


“We’re also super grateful that our deposit was returned to us,” says Greg. “We’re committed to doing the work of finding another venue.”