Couple Shocked That Party Guests Would Rather Talk Than Play A Game

Audrey Waithe and Paul Lerer recently invited several friends over to their home in Allston, MA, for what they thought would be an evening of festive gameplay. But to their shock and dismay, all of their guests responded with, “No thanks, we’re good.”


For some unknown reason, none of the guests could be tempted by an array of board games, multi-player video games, or pantomime charade-style games, instead opting to talk and laugh over shared stories and conversation. The party hosts were shocked.


“I just wanted everyone to have a good time,” Waithe expressed in frustration as Lerer helped her arrange a cheese plate in the kitchen. “Doesn’t anybody have an appreciation for the deep and satisfying reward from spending an entire evening playing Settlers of Catan?”



As they commiserated, their guests commented on the good weather and made plans for the coming weekends for other non-game activities like drinking, eating, and relaxing outside sans-games.


“I just don’t get it,” said Lerer, who’d pulled roughly 12 board games out of the closet and arranged them on the table in order of possible interest, where they sat untouched until the time guests left. “I mean I get it, sometimes people don’t want to commit to a full night of Risk, but to not play any games, when we have an entire stack?! These are really good games!


“I guess I just wanted to catch up on how people are doing and what they’ve been up to,” explained one attendee.


“That’s bullshit,” said Waithe when informed of the comment. “Everyone sees what everyone else is doing on social media. It’s only when we meet up in person, that we can really play games.”


Lerer nodded in agreement. “Total bullshit.”