Close-up of Hands Confirms Movie Will Turn Gay

In an exciting twist in a new film on Netflix, a close-up of two female characters’ hands at the 30-minute mark confirms that the movie will, in fact, turn gay, fast.


“Once I saw the scene where the two female characters’ hands brush up against each other and then get pulled away,” 28-year-old viewer, Maya Andrews, said, “I knew that I was in for a wild sapphic ride.”


The Netflix original is full of tension and drama, even if the two characters don’t kiss or have sex until almost the end of the movie.


“I had a feeling that the movie was going to be gay when Marsha and Janine, the protagonists, stare at each other from across the room at a dinner party,” another viewer, 21-year-old Kaia Nakamura told us. “But I only knew for sure that they were definitely gonna bone when their hands grazed against each other, if only for a moment.”


After this crucial scene, the film also follows Marsha and Janine taking silent walks next to each other, going dancing with their male counterparts, and taking turns painting each other. But the fact that they touched hands early on allowed its audience to hang in there for the grand lesbian finale.


“If it wasn’t for the subtle hand touching,” Maya said, “I’d have no idea that the movie was gonna be gay. I honestly probably would’ve stopped watching if I didn’t get that little crumb of homosexuality.”



“It can’t be a gay movie without a close up of the characters’ hands,” award-winning director Steven Spielberg told us. “They actually teach you that in film school.”


Following this scene, at the end of the film the two main characters end up spending the night together, where they finally confess their feelings to one another, even though they still can’t be together because one of them is engaged to a man.


“That part honestly sucked,” Kaia reported. “But I’m still pretty satisfied with the hand stuff.”