Cave Painting Shows Woman Moving Pile of Clothes From Bed Rock to Floor Rock

Archaeologists have uncovered a cave painting that seems to portray the daily life of a prehistoric woman dating back to more than 8,000 years ago depicting a woman moving the same pile of clothes from her bed rock to a floor rock.


“The floor rock appears to be the prehistoric equivalent of a chair, and the bed rock appears to be where the woman slept, ate and wasted most of her time,” says archaeologist Mary Leakey. “As evidenced by the painting, this woman spent a significant amount of time moving the same pile of clothes from one rock to another.”


“It appears that when the woman wanted to sleep on her bed rock, she would move the pile of clothes to the floor rock in order to sleep,” says Julie Riggs, another archaeologist. “Then, when the woman wanted to sit on the floor rock, she would move the pile of clothes back to the bed.”


The only question archaeologists can’t answer is why the woman never just put her clothes away on her dresser rock.


“Her dresser rock is placed five feet away from her bed rock,” says Leakey. “All this woman would have to do is put the clothing pile on top of that to end the cycle.”


“We think this woman may have just been really lazy,” says Riggs.



Painted with bat guano, the ancient drawing depicts the woman arriving back at her cave after a day of foraging for fruits in the forest, then looking at the pile of clothing on her bed rock with an expression that can only be described as, “Not today.” She then moves the clothing pile to the floor rock, and eats the fruits on her bed rock while laughing at another cave painting of a man getting gored by a bison.


“Basically, what we’ve gathered from these paintings is that certain rituals of womanhood have pretty much been the same since the beginning of time,” says Leakey.


Her claim is supported by another painting from the same cave, which depicts a woman washing her clothes in the river and then forgetting to take them out of the river for weeks at a time.